The Living Mathematics Project

``Constructing a new medium for the communication of Mathematics''

Ask any mathematician, and you'll be told - Mathematics is a dynamic, living subject. But for many people, going beyond the static images and formulas of current mathematics texts requires an effort in creative visualization which is often beyond their means. The Living Mathematics Project hosted at SunSITE UBC is working to apply recent advances in computer programming languages and the technology of the World Wide Web to construct a new medium for the communication of Mathematics.

Local developments:

Please let us know what you think about these projects. If you are using them for interesting projects, or if you can think of a way they might be improved, we'd love to hear from you.

Copycat Jim Morey's Educational Game - A JavaCup winner
Fourier Series Explore the representation of functions by Fourier series
Catenary Animation - an amusing property of the Catenary.
Pythagoras' Theorem An animated proof of one of the most famous theorems of geometry.
Dudeny's dissection Yet another animated proof of Pythagoras' theorem.
Function Plotter Input your favorite function and you can draw its graph and its Taylor polynomials.
Solution Finder Input your favorite function and find its zeroes using Newton's method.
Complex Functions This applet should help you to visualize the functions of a complex variable.
Bezier Splines Bezier Splines were invented by Bezier - a French automobile designer. They're now widely used in computer graphics.
Kepler's laws Demonstrates the relationship between the position and velocity of an object moving under the influence of an inverse square force.
Flows of Vector Fields You can choose a vector field and observe how a region in the plane is carried around by the flow.
Bessel functions Explore Bessel functions using Bill Casselman's prototype Bessel Function plotter.

Projects at other sites:

Note: To get the full benefit of these pages, you must be using a WWW browser which supports the Java programming language. This capability will allow you to interact with the content of these pages. For example, Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or Javasoft's HotJava have this support enabled for most platforms.

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