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Function Plotter

David Austin

Here is a plotter to draw the graphs of functions and their Taylor polynomials. Enter the function in the window. If you leave the number of terms in the Taylor polynomial empty and click "Plot," the graph of the function will appear. The Taylor polynomial appears if you enter a non-negative integer in that window and a real value for the basepoint. You may also adjust the range of the display.

The syntax for the input is essentially copied from Maple. The following examples are illustrative:

There are a few more options as well: you may zoom in on a region by holding the Control key and clicking on the graph. Conversely, you may zoom out by holding the Shift key and clicking. Where you click becomes the new center of the graph. You may also scribble on the graph by clicking and dragging. The button with colors allows you to change the color of the scribbles.

If something goes wrong, please Email me at david (at) merganser (dot) math (dot) gvsu (dot) edu with a description of what you did and what happened.

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