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NOTE: This site is no longer being maintained.
The IAS site for Langlands' work is now the only active source.

The work of Robert Langlands

Robert P. Langlands was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, in 1936. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with an undergraduate degree in 1957 and an M.Sc. in 1958, and from Yale University with a Ph.D. in 1960. He has held faculty positions at Princeton University and Yale University, and is currently a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He has won several awards recognizing his outstanding contributions to the theory of automorphic forms, among them an honorary degree from the University of British Columbia in 1985.

Looking forward to eventual publication of his collected works, Professor Langlands is cooperating with us in providing on our site a large selection from his professional correspondence and previously unpublished work, as well as an almost complete collection of all of his published work.

This material is being put into TeX at the Institute in Princeton and will appear here as it becomes ready. We would like to thank Dorothea Phares, Marietta Chiorello, Elly Gustafsson, Michelle Huguenin, and Carol Warfield of the staff at the Institute, as well as Mark Goresky, for helping with this project.

The material

Inevitably, the topics into which we have organized material overlap somewhat.

Ph.D. thesis
Semi-groups and representations of Lie groups
Some holomorphic semi-groups
On Lie semi-groups
Early work on the trace formula
Dimension of spaces of automorphic forms (American Journal of Mathematics)
Representation theory of real groups
Dimension of spaces of automorphic forms (from the Boulder conference)
The classification of representations of real reductive groups
Notes on Knapp-Zuckerman theory
On unitary representations of the Virasoro algebra
The factorization of a polynomial defined by partitions
Eisenstein series and automorphic forms
The volume of the fundamental domain for some arithmetical subgroups of Chevalley groups
Eisenstein series
Euler products
Letter to Godement
On the functional equations satisfied by Eisenstein series (Springer Lecture Notes #544)
On the notion of an automorphic representation
Rank-one residues of Eisenstein series
1967 Letter to Weil
Letter to Serre
Two letters to Roger Howe
Problems in the theory of automorphic forms
Representation theory of abelian algebraic groups
A bit of number theory
Representation theory---its rise and its role in number theory
Where stands functoriality today?
First tests and first consequences of functoriality
Correspondence leading to the book by Jacquet and Langlands
Automorphic Forms on GL(2) (the book Jacquet-Langlands)
Artin L-functions
On Artin's L-Functions (the Rice University lecture)
Automorphic forms on GL(2) (delivered at the Nice ICM)
Base change
Base change (in the series published by the Annals of Mathematics and Princeton University)
L functions and automorphic representations (a talk at the ICM in Helsinki, 1978)
L-indistinguishability for SL(2) (with J.-P. Labesse)
Stable conjugacy-definitions and lemmas
Les débuts d'une formule des traces stable
Orbital integrals on forms of SL(3) I
On principal values on p-adic manifolds (with Diana Shelstad)
Orbital integrals on forms of SL(3) II (with D. Shelstad)
On the definition of transfer factors (with D. Shelstad)
Descent for transfer factors (with D. Shelstad)
Remarks on Igusa theory and real orbital integrals
Eisenstein series, the trace formula, and the modern theory of automorphic forms
Beyond endoscopy
Un nouveau point de repère dans la theorie des forme automorphes
Shimura varieties
From the Antwerp conference
Some contemporary problems with origins in the Jugendtraum
Shimura varieties and the Selberg trace formula
Comments on Shimura varieties and the Selberg trace formula
On the zeta functions of some simple Shimura varieties
Automorphic representations, motives, and Shimura varieties. Ein Märchen
Sur la mauvaise réduction d'une variété de Shimura
Algebraische Zyklen auf Hilbert-Blumenthal Flächen (with G. Harder and M. Rapoport)
Shimuravarietäten und Gerben (with Michael Rapoport)
Representation theory and arithmetic
On the universality of crossing probabilities in two dimensions (with C. Pichet, P. Pouliot, and Y. Saint-Aubin)
Finite models for percolation (with M.-A. Lafortune)
Conformal invariance in two-dimensional percolation (with Philippe Pouliot and Yvan Saint-Aubin)
Dualität bei endlichen Modellen der Perkolation
Mathematical physics
The Dirac monopole and induced representations
An essay on the dynamics and statistics of critical field theories
Algebro-geometric aspects of the Bethe equations (with Yvan Saint-Aubin)
Aspects combinatoires des équations de Bethe (with Yvan Saint-Aubin)
Universality and conformal invariance for the Ising model in domains with boundary (with Marc André Lewis and Yvan Saint-Aubin)
The renormalization fixed-point as a mathematical object
Harish-Chandra (a memorial)
Harish-Chandra 1923-1983 (biographical memoir for the Royal Society)
André Weil 1906-1998
An interview with Stéphane Durand for Québec Science, May, 2000
Commencement address at the University of Toronto, June, 1993
Talk upon receiving the Grande Médaille d'Or in November, 2000
Report on the work of James Arthur
On the occasion of an award to Günter Harder
Review of SL2(R) by Serge Lang
Review of The theory of Eisenstein systems by M. Scott Osborne and Garth Warner
Review of Harish-Chandra's Collected Works
Review of Elliptic curves by Anthony Knapp
Review of Euclid's Window by Leonard Mlodinow
Benim tanidigim Cahit Arf (Recollections of a year in Turkey with Cahit Arf)
Descartes ile Fermat
A review of Haruzo Hida's p-adic automorphic forms on Shimura varieties
Informal material
Endoscopy and beyond
Istanbul konferans dizisi (in Turkish)

A list of Langlands' papers, notes, and books

In time we hope to add comments on these items to place them in historical context.


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