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How to play


The player is given a solid object with patterned faces which is used to replicate a picture. The original is on the right of the screen, and the player's copy is on the left. The player must try to copy the picture by matching the patterned faces of the object with each patterned face in the original picture. The player's goal is to copy the picture with the least amount of movement. The game records every rotation of the object, so to do well the player must keep that number low. The speed of replication is unimportant as the time is not recorded.

How to copy the picture

The player must roll the object over until a desired pattern is facing upwards. The patterned face can then be dropped in the appropriate position on the player's copy. There are two rolling directions, each with its own path to roll on. When the object is off these paths, it moves without rotating.

To help the player become familiar with the object, there is a rotating copy beneath the original picture. As well as observing it, the player may also click and drag the object to rotate it at will.

To start over, the player can click on the title words CopyCat.

Playing the game is a good to figure out how to play.