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iaceo : to lie, lie prostrate, lie dead.
iacio : to throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse.
iaculator : : a thrower, javelin man, spear thrower.
iaculum : dart, javelin, short spear.
iam : now, by now, already / presently, immediately, soon.
iam : moreover, henceforth, indeed, just, further.
ianua : door.
ibi : there
ictus : blow, bite, stroke, bolt, thrust.
idcirco : on that account, for that reason, for that purpose.
idem eadem idem : the same.
identidem : again and again, repeatedly.
ideo : for that reason, on that account, therefore.
idoneus : proper, worthy, fitting, deserving, capable.
igitur : therefore, consequently, for this reason.
ignarus : ignorant, not knowing.
ignavus : lazy, listless, inert, sluggish cowardly, a coward.
ignis : fire.
ignoro : to be ignorant of, not know / rarely: neglect, overlook.
ignosco: (+ dat.) to overlook, forgive, pardon.
ignotus : unknown, obscure, ignorant, ignoble.
ilico : on the spot, immediately.
illa : (fem. sing. nom.) THAT (sword) is more expensive.
illa : (neut. pl. acc.) Deborah always won THESE (wars).
illa : (fem. sing. abl.) He who lives BY THAT (the sword), ...
illa : (neut. pl. nom.) THOSE (arms) belong to the victor.
illacrimo : (+ dat.) to weep over.
illae ille : (fem. pl. nom.) THOSE (women) must die!
illarum : (fem. pl. gen.) The city wall had four OF THOSE (gates).
illas : (fem. pl. acc.) They gave THOSE (their lives) for the Faith.
illata : from infero : to cause, occasion, etc.
illaturos : from infero "they would cause."
ille illa illud : that, the former, the famous / he, she, it.
ille : (masc. nom. sing.) THAT (house) is filthy.
illi : (fem sing. dat.) There is a statue IN THAT (abbey).
illi : (masc. sing. dat.) He sent FOR THAT (doctor).
illi : (masc. pl. nom.) THOSE (men) are loyal to the king.
illi : (neut sing. dat.) i'd give my right arm FOR THOSE (cookies).
illiam : (fem. sing. acc.) She wasted THAT (her youth).
illic : there, at that place, therein, in that matter.
illis : (masc. pl. dat.) Tell it TO THOSE (Marines).
illis : (fem. pl. dat.) She gave her property TO THOSE (churches).
illis : (neut. pl. abl.) She earned it BY THESE (her deeds).
illis : (fem. pl. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships).
illis : (masc. pl. abl.) They passed BY THOSE (roads).
illis : (neut. pl. dat.) Listen TO THESE (orders).
illius : (fem. sing. gen.) They are fond OF THAT (change).
illius : (neut. sing. gen.) She paid half OF THAT (the cost).
illius : (masc. fem. neut. gen. sing.) Go ahead, eat some OF THAT.
illo : (neut. sing. abl.) Do not hesitate BECAUSE OF THAT! (doubt)
illo : (masc. sing. abl.) He gave plenty FOR THAT (field).
illorum : (masc. pl. gen.) The horses OF THOSE (soldiers) are spent.
illorum : (neut. pl. gen) The cattle OF THESE (monsters) were fat.
illos : (masc. pl. acc.) They burned THOSE (houses) to the ground.
illuc : thither, to that place, to that matter, to that person.
illud : (neut. sing. nom.) THAT (monastery) is well-built.
illud : (neut. sing. acc.) Break THOSE (fetters)!
illudo illusi illusum : to mock, make fun of, ridicule
illum : (masc. sing. acc.) He ate THAT (fruit).
imago : image, likeness.
imber ymber : rain shower, rain storm, pelting rain.
imbrium : of rain.
imcomposite : adv from incompositus : incompositione in Herimann.
imitabilis : that can be imitated,
imitor : to imitate.
immanitas : savagery, frightfulness.
immerito : adv. undeservingly, without merit, unjustifiably.
immineo : to hang over, be imminent, threaten.
immo : by all means, by no means, on the contrary.
immodicus : immoderate, excessive, beyond measure.
immortalis : immortal.
immotus : unmoved.
immunda : unclean, impure, dirty, foul.
immundus : foul, impure.
impedimentum : hindrance, impediment, obstacle, difficulty.
impedio : entangle, ensnare, obstruct, surround, hinder, prevent.
impedito : a hinderance.
impedo : to entangle, ensnare, hinder, prevent, obstruct.
impello : to drive against, strike upon.
impello impuli impulsum : to set in mortion, impel, urge on.
impendeo : to hang over, threaten, menace, be imminent.
impendium : expenditures, outlay, interest on a loan.
impendo : to lay out, expand, weigh out.
impenetrabiilis : impenetrable.
impensa : expense, outlay.
imperator : commander in chief, general, emperor.
imperceptus : unperceived / unknown,
imperiosus : imperious, domineering, powerful.
imperium : power to command, authority, command, rule, control.
impero : to give orders, command / to rule, hold sway.
impetro : to get, accomplish, effect, obtain (by asking).
impetus : attack, onset, rapid motion / impulse, passion, force.
impleo : to fill in (or up), satisfy, content, fulfil, perform.
importo : to bring in, introduce, import / bring upon, cause.
importunus : unsuitable, unfavorable, troublesome / inconsiderate.
impraesentiarum : for the present, in present circumstances.
imprimis : especially, particularly, specifically.
improbus : inferior, bad, wicked, persistent, perverse, bold.
improvidus : improvident, negligent, thoughtless, feckless.
improviso : unexpected
ex improviso : suddenly.
impudens : impudent, shameless, insolent, presumptuous.
impudenter : impudently, insolently, presumptuously.
impunitus : unpunished, unrestrained, safe.
imputo : to lay to a charge, enter in an account, impute to.
in praesentia : for the present.
in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.
inanis : empty, vain, inane.
incassum : in vain.
inceptor : beginner.
inceptum : beginning, attempt, enterprise.
incertus : uncertain, doubtful, unsure, hesitant.
incido in mentionem : to happen to mention.
incido : to fall in or on, fall in with / happen, occur.
incipio : to take in hand, begin, commence.
incito : to excite, spur, inspire, increase / hasten, urge on.
inclino : to bend, incline, turn, change / fall back, waver.
includo : to shut in, enclose, establish a siege, surround.
inclutus / inclitus : celebrated, famous, renowned.
incola, ae : resident, inhabitant of a place.
incompositus : disorder, lack of regularity.
inconsulte : indiscreetly.
incontinencia : lack of restrain, incontinence.
incorruptus : uncorrupted, genuine, pure.
incredibilis : incredible, unbelievable.
increpare : to rebuke, chide, scold.
increpo : (of persons) to chide, rebuke.
incubo : to hang over, dwell in, lie heavily upon.
incurro : to run into, assail, attack, raid into, come upon.
Inda : Cornelism / Anster.
indagatio : investigation.
inde : thence, from there, for that reason, thereafter, then.
indebitus : not owed, not due.
indico : to proclaim, make publicly known, announce, disclose.
indigeo : to require, need, stand in need of.
indignatio : indignation.
indignus : unworthy, lacking in merit, unfit.
indo (past indidi) : to establish, cause, occasion.
indomitus : untamed, wild.
induco : cover, put on clothing, erase writing, revoke, annul.
induco : bring in, introduce, induce, persuade / decide.
induco indux inductum : to lead in, introduce, induce, influence.
industria : industry, diligence.
industrius : industrious, diligent, assiduous, hard-working.
indutiae : truce, armistice, suspension of hostilities.
inedicabilis : unexplainable, inexplicable.
ineptio : to play the fool, to trifle.
inexpugnabilis : impregnable, unconquerable, not to be taken by force.
infamo : to put to shame, disgrace.
infantia : infancy, babyhood.
infector : dyer.
infectum reddere : to revoke, render impossible, make void, annul.
infectus : unworked / not done, unfinished, incomplete.
infecunditas : barrenness, sterility.
infecundus : barren, sterile.
infelicitas : bad luck, misfortune,
infeliciter : unhappily.
infelix : arbor infelix : the gallows.
infelix : unfruitful, barren, unproductive, infertile.
infenso : to attack, avenge.
infensus : hostile, aggressive / (arms) aimed, ready / (spirit) dangerous.
inferi : those down below, the dead.
inferne : on the lower side, below.
infero : To carry in, put or place on.
infero : (in logic) to infer, conclude.
infero : (abstract things) : bring on, occasion, cause.
inferus : below, under, southern.
infervesco : to come to a boil, become hot.
infeste : in a hostile manner, belligerently.
infesto : to attack, disquiet.
infestus : aggressive, hostile, dangerous.
inficio infeci infectum : to poison, taint, corrupt.
inficio infeci infectum : to tinge, dye, stain, imbue.
infidelis : unfaithful, disloyal, untrue.
infidelitas : faithlessness, disloyalty.
infideliter : faithlessly, disloyally.
infidus : untrue, disloyal.
infigo : to fix, fasten / to imprint, impress.
infindo infidi infissum : to cut into.
infinitas infinitio : eternity, infinity, endlessness.
infinitus : unlimited, infinite, without bounds, boundless, limitless.
infirmatio : weakening / refusing / invalidating.
infirme : weakly, faintly.
infirmitas : weakness, feebleness / instability, fickleness.
infirmo : to weaken / shake / invalidate, annull
infirmus : not strong, weak, feeble / (sometimes) sick, ill.
infit : he, she, or it begins, begins to speak.
infitialis : negative, containing a no, rejection.
infitias ire : to deny.
infitior : to deny / deny a debt, refuse to return something.
inflammatio : setting afire / (people) inflaming / (souls) inspiring.
inflammo : to set on fire, inflame, to torch, kindle.
inflatio : inflation, flatulence.
inflatius : too pompous / on a grander scale.
inflatus : pompous, swollen, puffed up, inflated.
inflatus : blowing into, blast, inspiration.
inflecto : to warp / change, sway, affect.
inflecto inflexi inflectum : to bend, bow, curve.
infletus : unwept, unmourned, unlamented.
inflexio : a bendings, swaying.
inflexus : bending, curving.
infligo inflixi inflictum : to strike, hit, knock / cause damage.
inflo : to blow into / to inspire, puff up, elate.
influo influi influxum : to flow in / to rush in, steal in.
infodio infodi infossum : to dig in, bury.
informatio : concept, idea.
informis : formless, shapeless / deformed, hideous.
infortunatus : unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky.
infortunium : misfortune, bad luck / punishment.
infra inferius infimus : low down.
infra : (adv.) below, underneath / to the south, in the underworld.
infra : (+ acc.) below, under / (time) later than
infula : insignia of office.
ingemuo = dat. : to groan, sigh over.
ingenium : innate character, talent, nature.
ingens : of immoderate size, vast, huge, monstrous, remarkable.
ingero : to go off to, betake oneself to, pour forth, inflict.
ingratus : ungrateful, unpleasant, disagreeable.
ingravesco : to become heavy, become a burden.
inicio inieci iniectum : to throw on, put on, don / inspire.
inimicus : personal enemy, foe, opponent.
iniquus : unequal, unjust, unfair.
initium : beginning, start, commencement, origin.
iniuria : injury, damage, hurt / injustice, wrong.
iniustus : unjust, inequitable, unfair.
innotesco, innotui : to become known.
innotesco : to become know, noted.
innuo : to give a nod to, give a sign to.
inolesco : to grow in or on.
inops : poor, helpless, in need
inquam : I say.
inquis : you say.
inquit : he, she, it says.
inrideo : to laugh at, mock, ridicule.
inritus irritus : void, invalid, in vain, useless, ineffectual.
inruo irruo : to rush in, fling in.
insania : insanity, irrationality, madness, folly.
insciens : unknowing, unaware, ignorant.
inscribo : inscribe, entitle, enlist.
insensatus : irrational.
insequor : to follow, pursue, assail, reproach, rebuke, attack.
inservio : to be a slave, serve, be devoted to.
insideo : sit upon something, be firmly placed.
insidiae : (pl.) treachery, ambush, plot, conspiracy.
insinuo : to insinuate, work one's way in, intimate.
insisto : to enter upon [a journey] tread; (with d.) follow.
insolita : unaccustomed, unusual.
insolitus : unaccustomed / unusual, strange, uncommon.
insons insontis : guiltless, innocent.
insperatus : unexpected, unlooked for, unanticipated.
instanter : urgently.
instar : a form, figure, after the fashion of, like.
instigo : to goad, incite, stimulate, urge.
instituo : to establish, found, institute.
insto : to pursue eagerly, devote oneself to.
instructus (from instruo) : equipped, trained, supplied.
instructus : trained, taught.
instruo : to built in, set up, construct, furnish / train.
instruo : prepare, provide / draw up an order of battle.
Insula : Lille.
Insula : island.
insurgo insurgi insurrectum : to rise up, rebel, revolt.
integer : whole, untouched, unhurt, undamaged / complete, entire.
intellego intellexi intellectum : to understand, comprehend, see.
intempestivus: unseasonable, untimely, immoderate.
intendo : to stretch, strain, try to prove.
intendo : to extend, aim, direct, direct one's course, aim at.
intentio : effort, exertion, attention, intent / attack, accusation.
intentus : thorough, tense, anxious, strict.
inter : (+ acc.) between, among.
intercipio intercepi interceptum : to intercept
interdico : to forbid, prohibit, outlaw, gain an injunction.
interdico : to forbid, prohibit, interdict.
interdum : sometimes, now and then, at times.
intereo : to perish, die.
interficio interfeci interfectum : to kill, murder, slay.
interrogatio : interrogation, inquiry.
intro : to walk into, enter, make one's way into.
introduco : to lead in, introduce.
intueor : to look at attentively, gaze at, consider.
intumesco : to swell up, increase, swell with anger.
intumesco : to sell, sell up, sell with anger.
intus : within.
inultus : unavenged, unpunished.
invado : to undertake, go in, enter, get in.
invado : to assail, usurp, seize, attack, fall upon.
invalesco : to gather strength, become stronger.
invenio : to come upon, find, discover.
inventor : inventor, discoverer.
investigo : to track down, investigate.
inveteratus : hardened by age, of long-standing.
invetero : to give duration, to render old
invicem : one after the other, by turns, mutually, each other.
invictus : unconquer, unconquerable, undefeated.
invideo : to envy, be jealous of, look upon with envy.
invidia : envy, jealousy, hatred.
inviso : to go to see, visit, inspect, look at.
invisus : hated, hateful.
invito : to invite, summon.
invitus : unwilling, against one's will.
ioco iocor : to joke, jest, make merry.
iocus : joke, jest, jape, gag.
ipse ipsa ipsum : himself, herself, itself.
ipsemet : his own very self.
ira : anger, wrath.
irascor iratus : to be angry, to be wrathful.
iratus : angry, wrathful.
irrito : to irritate, exasperate, excite.
irritum : nothingness, worthlessness, vanity.
irritus : vain, useless, ineffectual, of not effect.
irritus : undecided, void, unfixed, of no effect.
is ea id : this, that / he, she, it.
iste ista istud : that / sometimes pejorative.
ita ut : (with subj.) in such a way that,
ita : so, thus.
ita : (in narration) and so; (with adj. or adv.) so, so very.
itaque : (adv.) and, so, therefore.
iter itineris : road, route, journey.
itero : to repeat, say again, iterate.
iterum : again, a second time, once more.
iubeo iussi iussum : to order, command.
iucunditas : pleasure, charm.
iucundus : agreeable, pleasant, gratifying.
iudex : judge, juror.
iudicium : judgment, decision, opinion, trial
iudico : to judge, consider
iugis, e : perpetual, continuous.
iugis iuge : perpetual, continuous.
iumentum : beast of burden.
iungo iunxi iunctum : to join
iuro : to swear, to make an oath.
ius iurandum iuris iurandi etc. : oath.
ius iuris : justice, law, right.
iussu : (abl.) at the command of, by order of.
iustus : just, right, equitable.
iuvo : to help, aid, assist / to please.
iuxta : just short of.
iuxta : close by, near / in like manner, equally.
iuxta : (+ acc.) close to, near to / (time) just before.

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